Who Are We?

Absolute Kudos is a clothing brand promoting the message of giving flowers to those who are in our lives. We have seen time and time again love being poured out once we are no longer physically here to smell our flowers, bask in appreciation, or feel honored. It's time to give flowers NOW. You deserve them. Let our clothing be a reminder that you are important!


What Does Absolute Kudos Mean?

100% Praise & Honor to those Who Don't Get Enough Credit. In your own right you are not to be compared, disregarded, or taken advantage of. You matter. If they've been sleep on you, wake em up!


When Was Absolute Kudos Founded?

We were founded January 2020 in Los Angeles, CA.


How Can I Contact Absolute Kudos?

Please use the Contact Us page at the top of our Home Page, or email us at absolutekudos@gmail.com